What is the difference between teacher council meetings and previous teacher training efforts?

    Teacher council meetings replace teacher improvement meetings and the Teaching the Gospel course; Teaching in the Savior’s Way replaces Teaching, No Greater Call. Teacher council meetings differ from these previous efforts in the following ways:

    • Teacher council meetings are normally held during the three-hour schedule on Sunday. Those who teach during the second hour attend a teacher council meeting during the third hour and vice versa.
    • Teacher council meetings are not a course that ends after a set number of lessons have been taught. Because the effort to become a Christlike teacher is a lifelong pursuit, members should attend teacher council meetings as long as they have a calling to teach.
    • One purpose of teacher council meetings is to allow teachers to counsel together. So in addition to instruction about a principle from Teaching in the Savior’s Way, teacher council meetings provide opportunities for teachers to learn from each other and share their experiences, concerns, and possible solutions. All participants are encouraged to study the topics in Teaching in the Savior’s Way and come to the meeting prepared for discussion.